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વિશ્વાસનીય, errorless સ્ટડી મટીરીયલ...
Printed modules... તમારી જરૂરીયાત મુજબ

Tailored Learning Experiences for Your Students

Customized Chapter Sequence and Syllabus Mapping

Restructure content flow to align with your teaching methodology

Integrated Concept Explanations, Solutions and Answer Keys

Reinforce learning with detailed theory support and worked-out solutions

Question Banks with Varying Difficulty Levels

Cumulative practice across concepts with easy, medium and challenging questions

Multiformat Learning Content

Concept Videos, Mind Maps, and Infographics, engage students with an interactive multimodal learning

PYQ Papers from Boards/Competitive Exams

Familiarize students with real exam patterns and types of questions

Your Institute's Branding/Logo

Enhance institutional identity and credibility with custom branding options

Build Your Dream Curriculum, Your Way

With StudyBit's customized solutions, you can truly revolutionize the academic journey for your students. So let's dive in and witness the magic of tailored learning resources crafted just for your institute's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of customization options are available?

At Jamnadas, we offer extensive customization options to ensure our books align perfectly with your institute's requirements. You can select the sequence of chapters, choose content types like syllabus material, mind maps, videos, bonus topic information, questions with answers, and more. We also let you handpick question types - textbook questions, custom expert-created questions, previous year papers and MCQs across difficulty levels.

How does the content selection process work?

It's a collaborative process. Once you share your preferences, our subject matter experts will work closely with you to understand your needs. They will then curate the ideal content mix, leveraging our vast repository of materials to create a truly customized product.

Who creates the customized content?

The content is meticulously developed by our nationwide pool of over 500 highly experienced educators and subject specialists. They ensure academic excellence in every component.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, to ensure all your students receive the same customized learning experience, we encourage institutes to purchase customized metrial for their entire student body. 

How long for delivery after order?

Typical turnaround times are 8-10 days after finalizing content and receiving your order. This ensures our expert team has sufficient time to develop a high-quality customized product.

Can previous year exam questions be included?

Absolutely. We can incorporate any number of previous year questions from all major board exams, NEET, JEE, GUJCET and more, as per your requirement. Solutions/hints can be included in the same section or separately.

Isn't customization costly?

Not at all! Our model allows us to create affordable customized solutions by leveraging existing content repositories and optimizing production processes. Volume pricing also helps make bulk customized orders quite cost-effective for institutes.

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